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A Soundproof,

high-blood pressure zone boiling with RAGE.

Warning, may contain CAPS.




The Indian Politician's obssession with Helicopter rides

It’s just rained somewhere in the country – rained a little too much, because the news and your social media feed is a non-stop montage of people wading through water, being rescued in boats and an anchor saying the words: “the minister has done an aerial survey of the affected areas.”

I imagine the sight of a helicopter flying about (BUT NOT HELPING IN ANYWAY)- as the sobering realization that ALL your life’s possessions, are now marked “CAUTION, VERY WET“- must be very reassuring.
What was a formerly a field, is now a swamp; what was your living room is now a swimming pool. You’ve always wanted a swimming pool, just not in this specific location and in these circumstances.
But HEY! LOOK UP… There’s your elected representative, in a metal bird, showering down some

good vibes on you.


What’s that? People you know are missing? Well, wherever they are, hopefully they can appreciate this wonder of science and technology – this metal bird powered by large ceiling fans.


Part of the problem is that because politics is a game of perception;
If a politician can be seen doing something, the electorate’s natural conclusion is that well… they must be doing something!


A cartoon about Indian politician's and helicopter rides

In this case the helicopter’s passenger can be seen on the scene, surveying flooded areas and in ALL the pictures splashed in the next day’s newspaper has a very concerned look –
but what they’re doing is helping themselves to a taxpayer sponsored joyride and underneath the concern is a huge smile – why wouldn’t you smile? You’re on FREE helicopter ride, the weather outside is nice because it’s just rained!  
Perfectly beautiful day for a helicopter ride, if you ask me.

If a politician wanted accurate aerial survey’s there is another piece of technology, satellites. But unfortunately, you cannot ride a satellite or have a picture of you taken riding one - not at the time this is being written at least. (Surely, Elon Musk must be trying to solve this conundrum??)

Remember those things that we launch into space every so often?
Is a politician’s eyesight, weather modelling capabilities, and built-in knowledge of the local topography more powerful and accurate than a technology - purpose built to do those very things? 
If you know of such a politician, please let me know


Until then, remember – every time there is a disaster, and you see pictures of “aerial surveys” being undertaken by an elected representative – to yell...

“S.A.T.T.E.L.L.I.T.E” (to yourself and those around you.)

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